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Good floor installation is key to the look and longevity of floors

No matter how lovely the flooring you just picked out, no matter how high the quality, how durable the material, how luxurious, sturdy or how right it is for you – the last person who will have their hands on it before it becomes your floor is your installer.

At Sanford Carpet, we pride ourselves on quality installation. Our installers measure the job, so you have the confidence in advance of seam placement if needed for carpet or vinyl and layout for hard surface flooring. You can address any installation issue or concern with the installer at the time of measure.

Here are some important points regarding flooring installation:

Carpet that is not installed properly may look good for a short while, but over time, will begin to have problems, including wrinkles or waves that become trip hazards. It can pull away from the walls and have seams that unravel and open up. In addition, carpet that is installed using only a knee kicker is more likely to wrinkle as opposed to a power-stretcher that pulls the carpet much tighter. At Sanford Carpet, we always use a power stretcher on our carpet installations.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile can crack if the foundation is not level. Wood and Laminate Installations can fail as well if the slabs are uneven and not properly prepped for moisture prevention. We will communicate with you to let you know what floor prep if any is needed to insure a proper installation.
Residential installation in the Oviedo, FL area from Sanford Carpet and Flooring

Here are some more items we take care of before floor installation

  • Move big pieces of furniture
  • Pick up and dispose of your old flooring
  • Replace tack strip as needed due to excessive wear or rot caused by water damage
  • Vacuum or clean the new floor

We ask that you take care of these things before the floors are installed

  • Move any small items off the furniture
  • Unplug any electronics
  • Secure your pets as needed

Our highly-skilled, licensed and bonded installers look forward to your job satisfaction! To schedule an appointment for a consultation, call (407) 871-3490, e-mail us at or visit our store in Sanford.