My good friend and business coach Lisbeth Callandrino posted on her blog recently about doing something nice for someone. I couldn’t agree more! We recently added a new technology to our flooring store business, Sanford Carpet, called video e-mail. This state-of-the-art technology allows me to send a video e-mail to my customers THANKING them for coming in.

Today, a new customer came in to look for carpet for her home. We spent a lot of time first discussing why she was replacing her flooring and gathering information about her likes and dislikes in order to find her the perfect carpet. Part of the information gathering process was her email. In this age of technology, it is important to be able to reach our customers in many ways.

But back to being nice! After she left the store, I sat down at the computer and launched our brand new video e-mail system, Talk Fusion. I quickly created a stunning template and recorded a video THANKING her for coming in to our store today, confirming the appointment to measure her floors on Friday and bring the samples she selected.

Moments after I saw she had viewed it (what great marketing feedback is that), I received an email back from her, THANKING me, for the thoughtful video e-mail. She said she had never seen anything like it and really enjoyed the personal touch.

There are so many ways this fabulous new technology can be used. I’d be happy to share this with you, Send me an email and I’ll send you back a video email!