Selling a house can be a long, exhaustive process. Why not give your house the opportunity to stand out from all the others that are for sale? New flooring will do just that.

In fact one of the first things a buyer sees when entering a potential home is the floors. Stained, matted and out-of-date carpet can be a turn off as many buyers are looking for move-in ready conditions. Old and torn vinyl in a kitchen and bath can have the same effect as well.

Here are some ideas to consider when replacing flooring to sell your home:

  • Take no sides. Neutral colors are generally more alluring to the eye than bold ones. Additionally, they allow the seller to visualize more easily how their home furnishings will work in the space.
  • Know your layout. It’s no secret the average buyer enjoys a home that is open. If you find that your home doesn’t have that “open” feel, try to avoid too much variance (i.e. design, color, texture, etc.) in your floors. This will keep your eye from breaking up the space even more.
  • Find a happy medium. Putting in the least costly flooring may not give your house the extra appeal it needs to sell quickly and the least expensive flooring may not have adequate stain protection which is important if you are still living in the home while trying to sell it. On the other hand, putting in the most expensive option may not be within your budget.

Many flooring stores are able to stock products that are budget priced but of higher value than if they were ordered off the sales floor. This means savings for the seller and greater appeal to potential buyers.