Patterned carpets are beautiful – you see them in hotels, convention centers, restaurants, just about any place where many people congregate.

Don’t be afraid to think smaller. A patterned carpet can add individuality and style to your home as well.

- Consider a Victorian home – if you are looking to keep within the design, integrity, and ancestry of the home, a patterned carpet would be ideal for you! Peer into the past, to the times of intricate detail – when your home was first built – there are gorgeous designs that fit right in! 

- If you have a clean and simple eye a contemporary patterned carpet may be just what you are looking for to add that pop of color to your home!

- Have a more traditional style?  There are many options for you too!

- Are you a really big sports fan? Patterned carpets are available for any team, pro or college.

Patterned carpets are not just a thing of the past – they are here to stay. With so many decisions to make about your home; why not make one that’s truly patterned after you?