The phone rings and a distressed caller on the other end asks -

   ”Do you repair carpet?”

We assure them we do and ask what their situation is.

“The dog has chewed the carpet” (usually where it meets tile or near a wall), and  ”Our carpet has waves and speed bumps in it” are two of the common concerns we hear on a weekly basis.

Fortunately, the remedy for both of these is pretty easy. 

Let’s talk about waves or wrinkles first.  These are often the result of an installer using a knee kicker to attach the carpet around the edges instead of using a power stretcher.   If you have it “kicked-in” again, you will find your wrinkles returning and there is no wrinkle cream that can fix your carpet.

Flooring companies such as Sanford Carpet who have “CFI” Certified Flooring Installers power stretch their installations.  Check out how carpet is installed where you live — some companies leave it up to the discretion of the installers how the job is installed.

The “dog chewed my carpet” remedy can also be solved by power stretching providing there is enough carpet to stretch it back over the tack strip.  If not, we often can take carpet from a closet if it is matching and patch it in.


Here is Ira patching a carpet back to the wall after the customer’s dog enjoyed an afternoon snack.