When carpet is removed from a home in order to install new flooring, the old carpet is cut up into three-foot-wide strips for easy handling.  Quite often, the old carpet is dirty and stained and is usually the reason for changing the flooring in favor of new carpet, hardwood, laminate or tile.

Occasionally, the decision to change the flooring is purely a fashion decision – the existing flooring is in good shape but is the wrong color or style.  This is common when a home is purchased and the previous homeowner has left behind something the new homeowner just can’t live with.

Such was the case recently for one of our customers who purchased a beautiful home with blue-green carpet that was still in excellent condition but just the wrong color for her new home.  Committed to giving back to the community, our customers asked us if it could be donated.  Absolutely!

We rolled up the carpet in each room and the next day delivered it to Habitat for Humanity, one of our favorite organizations. Several times during the year, we call Habitat for Humanity and donate surplus tile, laminate, wood, and carpet to the ReStore, where they sell them (as well as other donated items) at very inexpensive prices.   All profits go directly to Habitat For Humanity in Seminole County to build more homes.