You recently purchased a beautiful light beige carpet that you can’t wait to show your friends and family and throw a small dinner party to celebrate your decorating savvy.

Just after you pour a glass of red wine for your friend, you turn to fill your own glass. Suddenly you hear, “OH NO!”

You realize your arm has knocked over your friend’s glass of wine, spilling it all over your brand new carpet!

Everyone gasps, but you smile knowing you purchased a newly availableextended warranty for carpet that covers spots and spills (including stains not covered by manufacturers!)


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Wine – or any other spill either!

Floor Care for Life has partnered with Mohawk Industries to offer an exclusive Protect and Care program through Mohawk dealers.

The program allows you to select from three different plans; the 2-Year Spot & Spill, 10-Year Stain Protection, or the Lifetime Stain Protection Plan.

Features of the plans include:

2-Year Spot & Spill

-          Protect & Care Kit mailed to you upon enrollment at the dealer

-          Access to Floor Care for Life’s Website with helpful information and coupons

-          Toll-Free Stain Removal and Service Hotline

-          Up to 3 visits per year by an Authorized Service Provider for Spot Removal Services

-          Carpet cleaning reminder mailed to you annually

10-Year Stain Protection

-          You receive all the features mentioned of the 2-Year Spot & Spill plan

-          Additionally, there is no limit on Spot Removal Services

-          Protect & Care Rewards Club – includes significant discounts on all professional floor care services

-          Stain Warranty on all Stains – full replacement option with full stain service

-          In the event you sell your home, your Floor Care for Life plan can be transferred to the new homeowner for a minimal fee

Lifetime Stain Protection

-          You receive all the features of the 10-year program

-          Additionally, your first warranty cleaning is free of charge

Life happens, spills are inevitable. When looking for new carpet why not consider carpet’s best defense, a Protect & Care program that works for you!