Picture this – you walk into a floor covering store and suddenly feel as if the samples are closing in on you. There are racks and racks of carpet, wood, laminate and tile and you have no idea where to begin.

You wonder that with so many flooring options, how will you be able to decide on the right one?  Should you select the warmth and comfort of a carpet? Is it better for the carpet to match the walls or the furniture? Which style is best – plush, frieze, berber, carved or veriegated?

Or do you consider the latest and greatest in hard surface flooring?  Again, so many choices between hardwood, laminate, tile and more can send your mind reeling!

The vast array of options makes it easy to be overwhelmed – that’s where a perceptive and knowledgeable representative can help!

A good sales associate will assess what you are looking for first rather than hauling out the products they want to show you.

- For example:

• Do you have small children or pets?  Different flooring types hold up better to both!

• Is the room a high traffic room? Do you eat in the room?  Sit on the floor?  These are all important considerations for determining product and style.

A good rep will listen to your ideas and concerns and will take the time to educate you on the products and services and show you options. They will be patient and eager to help you make a lasting change in your home.

We hope these thoughts will help you recognize an outstanding flooring representative and even more important, help you find the perfect floor!