Hard surfaces (tile, hardwood, laminate) are very popular flooring choices, but many homeowners remark that the room can feel cold and sounds echo throughout their house.

A great way to counter this is to use an area rug over your hard surface flooring. Area rugs can add warmth, soften sound and create a focal point for your room.

There are such a wide variety of colors and styles available to suit everyone’s taste. Whether your home features oriental decorations, is more traditional or contemporary; a well-placed area rug can be a great anchor for the accessories in the room.

Area rugs fit well in front of a couch or love seat, under a coffee table, dining room table and the foot of the bed. You can add a spark to your room with a fluffy shag or an elegant wool. There are even water-resistant rugs that are designed for outdoor areas such as patios and lanais.

The most common sizes for area rugs are 5’ x 8’ – 6’ x 9’ and 8’ x 10’ ,and while other sizes are available in many styles, you can always get the exact size you want by creating a custom rug.

Custom rugs allow you to select the style and color (or styles and colors) for your décor. You can mix and match a patterned design with a plush border or inset a solid with a short shag style. The size and shape of a custom rug is only limited by your imagination. Square and rectangle are common shapes, however round, octagonal and even triangle custom rug designs are possible. The different patterns are seamed together and then professionally bound to keep the edges from unraveling.

Not all area rugs have a soft backing that prevents scratches to hardwood so it is important to use a pad specified for area rugs. A specialty pad also prevents rugs from moving on hard surfaces, helping to secure them in place. In rooms where you like to sit on the floor, a heavier pad can add more comfort. You can even put an area rug down over wall-to-wall carpet for an added design layer.

If you think your furniture needs a pick-me-up or your room needs a new punch of color, consider accessorizing from the floor up with a stylish area rug.